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Environmental Responsibility

1. Recycling and Reuse.

Precious metals are the ultimate recyclable and reusable materials. Not only is it easily restored, reused or recycled, the entire jewellery industry is set up to enable this and always has been. Literally every spot of dust from our workshop benches is collected and recycled. 

The majority of the gold, silver, platinum and palladium we use in our repair workshops is reused or recycled, either from existing material in store or in ordered material from our suppliers. Much new jewellery nowerdays is also made with recycled precious metals.


The majority weight of our gemstones are also stored for reuse in our workshops for repairs or stock manufacture. Even broken stones of lower value can be resold for reuse rather than disposing them.

Our recyclable business waste is of course seperated and collected for recycling. All chemicals and materials in our workshops are used and disposed of as per their environmental safety instructions.

Also in our general everyday practices, if we can reuse something, then we do.

In fact, in three of our shops, our shop counters, display cabinets and some fittings are reclaimed items from bankrupted jewellery stores. 

Would you believe that the panels in the antique window in Sarum Jewellers are actually made from a previous neighbours old wardrobe!!!

2. Conflict Diamonds. 

Our suppliers of new loose diamonds and pre set jewellery are all reputable companies who abide by the Kimberley Process. . We will in no way whatsoever knowingly deal with disreputable supply chains which risk the sale of conflict diamonds. 

3. Ethical Goods.

Almost half of our stock is preowned. No ethical or environmentally damaging fingerprint lies on the resale of these items. Our new stock is either made here in Great Britain (some by ourselves) or is purchased from trusted, reputable importation suppliers. We would in no way whatsoever knowingly purchase stock which has been manufactured in an unethical way, be it via slavery or any other unethical way.

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